The Fish Friends program launched today with a tour of the Charlo Fish Hatchery. Fish Friends is a program GMRC implemented back in 2012, where students raise eyed-eggs in fish tanks. The tanks are housed in their classrooms, where they care for the eggs. They learn about the life cycle of Atlantic salmon, habitat and cultural significance of this species.

Alaqsitew Gitpu School and Mi’gmaq Immersion students are taking part in the fish friends program. The L.E. Reinsborough School in Dalhousie, and Terry Fox Elementary in Bathurst will also be participating in the program. GMRC staff set up the aquariums today at the Terry Fox Elementary and did a presentation to the students as they begin their journey of raising the eyed-eggs.

We will keep you informed along the way, as the students raise the eyed-eggs until they reach the fry stage. At the end of the program the students all gather together to celebrate as they release the fish into their river.