GMRC Research Director Tagging Atlantic Salmon in Greenland

Thousands of kilometers across the north Atlantic, the Gespe’gewaq Mi’gmaq Resource Council Director of Research is working on what she refers to as an “opportunity of a lifetime.” Dr. Carole-Anne Gillis is tagging Atlantic salmon in Qaqortoq, Greendland. She started tagging on September 15th and continue until the 29th. “We have been leading tagging in the Restigouche and we were only getting a glimpse into understanding a small part of their journey. Now, we get to have more information on where the salmon go to feed before they come home,” explained Carole-Anne. “We can better understand threats in the ocean. To be part of this collaborative helps put AAROM groups at the forefront of salmon research initiatives.” The collaborative group is composed of researchers from other AAROM groups, DFO, ASF and NOAA. They are aiming to tag 106 Atlantic salmon with satellite tags. The tagging will provide researchers with answers to where the salmon are feeding, their behavior, and morphology.