In the early 90’s the Miramichi river began experiencing low numbers in regards to striped bass stocks. Due to this, the Department of Fisheries Oceans implemented restrictive measures to protect the remaining stocks. Here are a few facts taken from the report:

In the Gulf region:
•    Based on low abundance in during early 1990’s, restrictive measures put in place
•    Commercial fishery closed in 1996
•    Recreational Fishery closed in 2000
•    Suspension of allocation to Aboriginals in 2000
•    2012, incidental capture allowed in Food, Social, Ceremonial fisheries. (if prior allocation existed before 2000)

In the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence region
•    Recreational fishery opened in 2013 and 2014
•    Collection of fishery data on Miramichi occurred on 17 days (out of 25 day season) between May 4-May 21.
•    Officers observed approximately 3,600 anglers. 818 interviewed, reported catches ranging from 0-111 per trip.

The report can be downloaded here:

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