by Sailor Jacques

On July 5, the GMRC gave a presentation to the youth center Summer Camp to introduce the GMRC and talked about some of our work. The day began at the Listuguj youth center where Denny, Aquatic Research Director, gave a presentation about GMRC and its work.

After the presentation the summer camp walked from the youth center to the GMRC offices where they were shown traditional ways (spears) and modern ways (fyke nets) to catch eels.

A day prior to the Summer Camp visit, project worker Craig Isaac set a fyke net in the waters behind the GMRC office building in hopes to catch an eel to show the youth during their visit. The next day when Denny checked the net during a live demonstration on how to check fyke nets there were three eels caught along with various small fish that eels prey upon.

The eels and prey where placed in a bucket to keep them alive so that they would stay alive for observation. Denny explained each fish to the campers and let the campers handle each fish including the eels before releasing them back into the water.

The visit concluded after the release of the fish back into the water, but the campers excitement an curiosity was still high, after the visit was over the campers stayed for a few minutes to ask more questions about fish. The youth center summer camp left the GMRC with a better understanding on what we do and hopefully, a better appreciation for eels.