Tagged Atlantic Salmon Caught near Listuguj

The Gespe’gewaq Mi’gmaq Resource Council (GMRC) is piecing together the interesting life of the Atlantic salmon. A couple of weeks ago, Tim Dedam was cleaning the salmon he caught, at the wharf, in Listuguj when a small black object dropped out of the fish. The fallen object was a tagging device that was surgically inserted by GMRC staff on April 20, 2021. The tagging device tracks the Atlantic salmon as it migrates out to sea. Receivers are located near Listuguj, Eel River Bar, Gesgapegiag, the strait of Belle Isle, and up the coast of Labrador. There are also gliders going around the gulf, and the north Atlantic. Having a tag return is an exciting because it is very rare for tags to be returned! This information provides researchers with important information. GMRC Director of Research Carole-Anne Gillis compared data from when the salmon was tagged to its current state. Salmon scales were collected in 2021 and again in 2022 on this fish and will be able to provide researchers with answers on the growth of the salmon during the past fourteen months. When the Atlantic salmon was tagged, it was 81 centimetres in length and when it was caught it measured 94 centimetres. The information may be able to indicate the diet of the Atlantic salmon throughout its journey. Fishers are encouraged to return any tags to the GMRC. GMRC is part of a large multi-year project funded by the Environmental Studies Research Fund (ESRF) and we acknowledge the ongoing collaborative spirit of this Atlantic salmon tagging initiative. We will continue to work closely with our colleagues to complete this salmons’ story.

Satellite tag for Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon scales can inform researchers how long they spent at sea.

GMRC Director of Research, Dr. Carole-Anne Gillis is taking a fin clip from the Atlantic salmon.

Acoustic tags surgically inserted into the Atlantic salmon to track the migration route. Tag number 13941 was inserted into a kelt.

Acoustic tag #13941 was found in an Atlantic salmon on the Restigouche River near Listuguj.

GMRC Director of Research Dr. Carole-Anne Gills collected scales from an Atlantic salmon.